about us

Hi, I’m Oğuzhan ABACI;

I was born and grew up in Mersin, a Mediterranean coastal city in the south. However, for about 10 years, I have been residing in an extraordinary land known in history as Cappadocia. Today, named Nevşehir… a province of Turkey. Half the way here, the faith opened the path to me for marriage and so to speak I am married to a Cappadocian now, having a two years old daughter.

The years I spent in countryside till my twelve are those that, I should say, I started learning how to share, how to understand the others better, how to deal within the nature and why to love the environment itself. And thus, this inevitably rendered how to get a more reasonable social sense.

I am a freelance tour guide licensed by Ministry of Culture & Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. Having 16 years of experience in guiding now, I have led many tours in almost every corner of Turkey.

To name some of the those places: Cappadocia, the lunar landscape; Istanbul, the city of poets and historians; Troy and Gallipoli, modern Izmir and Ephesus, the biblical town; Mersin, the city of St. Paul and Hagia Thekla, the first female martyr of Christianity; Adana, the biggest one of all those southern cities; Hatay, the crossroad for cuisines in Turkey and where the first church of Christianty by St. Peter is founded; Gaziantep, the city of pistachio and of famous Turkish dessert baklava; Nemrut National Park in Adıyaman province and Göbeklitepe of Şanlıurfa near Euphrates where archaelogically the earliest temple of the World was a short while ago uncovered; Ankara, the capital of modern Turkey; Hattuşa, the ancient capital of Hittites; Safranbolu, a UNESCO site for its traditional houses; Erzurum, homeland of Cağ Kebabı; Van, the capital of Urartians in history; Trabzon, the city for education of Ottoman princes say Şehzades; and more…

With such responsibilities based on satisfaction, safety, comfort, interest and needs of my guests, I have ever been keen on leading them to any corner of Turkey. That is to say, guiding has all sounded more than a business. At this point, I have always regarded myself as a traveler and looked at things from a traveler’s perspective. So, satisfaction was at all times the priority.

  • Smile  🙂
  • Introduce
  • Listen to the others
  • Respect
  • Exchange ideas
  • Conclude
  • Move and Act
  • Smile  🙂

And this perception has so far created pleasing results. I have made lots of friends this way, which makes me feel happy and pushes farther for upcoming friends indeed.

Should you decide to visit colorful Turkey some day and if you like to enjoy your time, please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance or questions as you are getting prepared for an enjoyable excursion, sightseeing, walking through the splendid valleys, horse-back riding or all-in-one adventures or an itenerary unique for you.


* A “National Tourist Guide License” issued by Turkish Federation of Chambers of Tour Guides in accordance with Turkish Laws regarding the profession.

* A certificate of Proficiency in Cappadocia’s Valleys & Hiking jointly given by Turkish Federation of Chambers of Tour Guides and Nevşehir (Cappadocia) Professional Tour Guides Chamber.

* Proficiency Expedition in South Eastern Turkey organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic.

* Now attending a Ph.D program in Ancient History at Nevsehir University.

* Nevsehir University, Master’s Degree, History

* Anadolu University, B.A. Degree, English Language Teaching

* Kocaeli University, Vocational College, Guidance in Tourism

* A certificate of photoghraphy & videotape.